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Quarantine Questions: NURKO

Photo Credit: @bbgcool

While we're collectively going through something we probably never expected to ever experience in our lifetime, there are many ways we're processing, coping, and dealing with the unknown. Some of us may be taking the time to learn something new or perhaps picking up an old hobby we simply lost touch with. Some of us may be binge-watching all of the Netflix or Hulu shows we never seemed to have time for before. Maybe we're trying to keep active and healthy both physically and mentally with yoga, at-home workouts, meditation, cooking healthier foods, etc. The important thing to remember is we're all going through this experience together, but we all feel its impact differently. Maybe it's not the same way you're choosing to get through, but try not to judge the way others are. Most importantly, don't judge yourself. Be kind to one another. Be gentle to you.

Personally, I needed a little inspiration! There's nothing that inspires me more than music and my favorite artists. I was curious about how some of them are spending their time social distancing from the world. Disconnecting? Interacting with fans? Creating? I spoke with DJ/Producer NURKO. He most recently released an incredible official remix to Need Your Love by Gryffin, Seven Lions, and Noah Kahan. I consider NURKO a KING of remixes! Beyond his own creative take at others originals, he has a handful of his own original singles, too. His most recent, 2020 release for "Faith" with Dia Frampton showcases the direction he's going with his own music. After "seeing" him for the first time during his virtual set for Digital Mirage, I truly cannot wait to see NURKO live for real. Here is how he is spending his quarantine:

1. How are you holding up during these unpredictable times? A positive outlook and grateful perspective are crucial to staying grounded. How are you spending your time keeping a happy and healthy mind, body, and soul?

NURKO: It’s definitely tough. I’m spending my time working on music as usual. But also teaching others with online 1:1 sessions since I have more time. It definitely was a bummer that Dabin’s tour was postponed but we’ll be back once this is all over!

2. Are you turning to art and music to keep inspired? Creating it? Enjoying it? Both? What/who has helped the most?

NURKO: I’m definitely turning to my art. I’m turning this negative time into a positive time (as much as that’s possible) by working on music, teaching others, reading, practicing piano, and watching tutorials.

3. Many people might be scared or living in fear. What is a message of encouragement you can leave them with to motivate a more peaceful mindset?

NURKO: Try and use this time to self reflect, take care of yourself, talk to friends, family, and loved ones. Know that as hard as it seems, this is temporary and won’t last forever.

4. What are you most looking forward to when we no longer have to live our lives social distancing from one another?

NURKO: I am most looking forward to finally touring again and playing shows and safely seeing my girlfriend, fans, and friends! I’ve spent a lot of this alone in my studio and it definitely is nice to be surrounded by my passion, but definitely will be nice when everything is back to normal!

If you haven't already, check out my interview for Mix247EDM with NURKO from the end of 2019! I can only hope we can sit down together again sometime soon to connect again! Check out his music on Spotify, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @NurkoMusic

Stay safe and healthy. You're not alone. We will get through this stronger, more aware, and with far more compassion, empathy, and gratitude.

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