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Quarantine Questions: CVBZ

While we're collectively going through something we probably never expected to ever experience in our lifetime, there are many ways we're processing, coping, and dealing with the unknown. Some of us may be taking the time to learn something new or perhaps picking up an old hobby we simply lost touch with. Some of us may be binge-watching all of the Netflix or Hulu shows we never seemed to have time for before. Maybe we're trying to keep active and healthy both physically and mentally with yoga, at-home workouts, meditation, cooking healthier foods, etc. The important thing to remember is we're all going through this experience together, but we all feel its impact differently. Maybe it's not the same way you're choosing to get through, but try not to judge the way others are. Most importantly, don't judge yourself. Be kind to one another. Be gentle to you.

Personally, I needed a little inspiration! There's nothing that inspires me more than music and my favorite artists. I was curious about how some of them are spending their time social distancing from the world. Disconnecting? Interacting with fans? Creating? I spoke with singer/songwriter CVBZ. I first discovered my love for his artistry from his 2018 debut EP, River. His music style, lyrics and one of a kind voice caught and captured my attention. Beyond his art through music, his ongoing spiritual journey of love and healing is beautiful to watch and witness from the parts he shares via socials. From conversations with CVBZ, I've learned that what he does, he does it fully, with his entire being. His intentions are to grow and heal from past pain and heartbreak. He'll share it authentically and passionately through his craft. He's undoubtedly someone to watch! Here is how he is spending his quarantine:

1. How are you holding up during these unpredictable times? A positive outlook and grateful perspective are crucial to staying grounded. How are you spending your time keeping a happy and healthy mind, body and soul?

CVBZ: I am doing so well, to be honest. I am feeling alive, healthy, inspired, and so deeply in love. I am held up with my family in a cabin and taking it day by day— going on long drives, walking in the snow, and keeping an open heart and soul to the downloads of the universe. I am eating whatever the fuck I want, and sleeping however long I can. It’s been the perfect excuse to feed my soul. Also, I am in a quarantine relationship with someone I’ve loved for a long time, so it’s truly a magical moment in my soul’s journey and a major contributor to my robust spiritual/mental health as well :)

2. Are you turning to art and music to keep inspired? Creating it? Enjoying it? Both? What/who has helped the most?

CVBZ: Yes, of course! I am listening to all the same 14 songs over and over again (per usual) and writing here and there when I can. Without a proper recording setup, it’s been a bit difficult to really hunker down and focus on a song, but I have been receiving beautiful lyrics and messages from the universe, which will surely become outstanding music soon enough!

3. Many people might be scared or living in fear. What is a message of encouragement you can leave them with to motivate a more peaceful mindset?

CVBZ: If you’re living in fear of getting sick— YOU’RE ALREADY SICK FAM. This has been the defining bane of my frustration through all of this. People are looking at each other like Petri dishes of disease and potential life-threats in public, judging each other on Instagram for going to an orchard to walk around with their S.O., and shaming one another even in a light-hearted manner. I was screamed at in a grocery store by a woman yesterday for walking too close in the chip aisle... If she could see me under my bandana mask, she would’ve seen me smile and say “okay lol,” but that woman is me and we share a soul. She’s just expressing the part in me that I am not letting take over right now. 

Mother Earth is going through a great purge right now, and we are part of that— we can either ascend spiritually through this or “die” to our ego’s. This is clearly a test for humanity to come together and be better for the world, so it makes me sad to see people’s fear make them sicker than the flu ever could.

4. What are you most looking forward to when we no longer have to live our lives social distancing from one another?

CVBZ: I can’t wait for the celebration that is life that is about to occur.  Quarantine couples finally being able to go on proper dates, friends being able to hug and squeeze one another, children being able to play in parks again, oh... and BARS! Lol All the things people weren’t doing before the lockdown because they weren’t prioritizing their own health/happiness, will be at the forefront of their action. If that’s not great healing I don’t know what is. 

Lastly, If I may, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been a light in this dark time. The people out there holding onto hope for a better world—holding space for tomorrow—staying away from the fear-mongering media coverage and treasuring the health and the life that they do have. I love you with everything I am and I can’t wait until we can share in this beautiful new world together. Aho brothers and sisters.

If you haven't already, check out my interview for Mix247EDM with CVBZ from last summer! I can only hope we can sit down together again sometime soon to connect again! Check out his music on Spotify, and follow him on Instagram @cvbzmvzic

Stay safe and healthy. You're not alone. We will get through this stronger, more aware, and with far more compassion, empathy, and gratitude.

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